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My recollection is that there needed to be clean break from aspects of my life that involved alcohol and drugs.  "People, places and things", as we often hear, might create the opportunity for those drinking and using behaviors to start... (More)

In early recovery everything seems so urgent -- we have to amend our relationships, we need to straighten out situations at work, we need to replenish that bank account and so many more "we need to's", and we need to... (More)

Wendy Caldwell
Clinical Development Officer

It all depends on what you want. People, places and things can certainly lead to a relapse. Matter of fact, since you are in the process of building a foundation this could derail all you’ve accomplished. For me, I had... (More)

I suggest you seek out meeting that are off the bus line! The reason is those meetings are easier to attend by newer people to recovery. Go to meetings in other parts of town, try earlier morning meetings or stay... (More)