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Daniel H.
Grateful Recovering Alcoholic

This is one of the most asked questions once one has become sober. The answer as previously given is....honestly. If you are given the opportunity to interview your first impression will speak volumes. I am constantly telling guys I talk... (More)

Keep in mind that all questions are not created equal. Contact with the criminal justice system will be disclosed in background checks utilized by many employers. Attempts to evade this will likely be justifiable cause for termination should you be... (More)

Wendy Caldwell
Clinical Development Officer

Congratulations on your new found freedom. Looking for work can be quite challenging and the gaps appear to be glaring and may feel intimidating at times. But remember this, we are not the people we once were and being in... (More)

Honesty is the only way to go.  Yet, not every question requires a comprehensive review of your past behavior.  Legal questions must be answered forthrightly.  In this information age formal actions are easily discoverable and lying on a job application... (More)